The Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council of India (TEXPROCIL)

Since its inception in 1954 as an autonomous, non-profit export promotion body, TEXPROCIL has become the international face of Indian Cotton Textiles successfully facilitating exports. For the foreign buyer, it has opened the entire range of Indian cotton yarns, fabrics and made-ups and has become the one-stop source for it. While for the discerning Indian seller it has brought within reach the opportunities afforded by the global market. The activities of TEXPROCIL extend to all areas related to the promotion of exports. Collation and dissemination of information, fielding of trade enquiries, administering quotas, facilitating an interface between domestic manufacturers and the global market and settling of disputes are some of the activities of the Council. One of the most important functions of TEXPROCIL is the collection of vital market information and collation of the same. Information with regards to new products, new ranges, government policies, rules and regulations, changing trends, quality standards, products commanding greater demand in the global markets and statistics about the exports of Indian cotton textiles are disseminated regularly. This not only makes TEXPROCIL the premier repository of relevant information but also provides the key inputs for both the Indian seller as well as the foreign buyer in their respective efforts.


The Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council
Engineering Centre, 5th Floor, 9 Mathew Road,
Mumbai 400 004, INDIA

Telephone: (022) 2363 2910 to 13
Fax: (022) 2363 2914