Sporttech (Sport and leisure)

Textiles used in the sports and leisure industries have diverse applications ranging from artificial turf used in sports surfaces to advanced carbon fibre composites for racquet frames, fishing rods, golf clubs and cycle frames. Other highly visible uses are balloon fabrics, parachute and paraglide fabrics and sailcloth. Sportech products include sports composites, artificial turf, parachute fabrics, ballooning fabrics, sail cloth, sleeping bags, sport nets, sport shoes components, tents, swimwear etc.

The Indian sportech segment is expected to grow at a rate of 17% to US$ 622 million by 2016-17 as per estimates of the Working Group on Textiles and Jute Industry, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. Key Indian manufacturers in the segment include:

  • Sports composites: Sanspareils Greenlands Pvt Ltd., Soccer International Pvt Ltd., Mayor International Limited
  • Parachute fabrics: Kusumgar Associates (Mumbai) and Oriental synthetics & Rayon Mills Pvt. Ltd (Mumbai)
  • Ballooning fabrics: Bandhu Aerospace Private Ltd
  • Sleeping bags: Standard Gram Udyog Sansthan, Kanpur Tent Factory, Mahalaxmi Textile Industries
  • Sport nets: Garware Wall Ropes and Kwality Nets
  • Shoe components manufacturers: Reebok, Adidas, Nike, Bata, Liberty, Lakhani, Relaxo
  • Tent fabrics: M Kumar Udyog, Madhur Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (Kanpur), Tirupati Taxco Product Pvt. Ltd

CoE Sportech

WRA is also recognised as Centre of Excellence for Sportech and will have facilities such as Modern Accredited Testing Laboratory, Prototype Development plant and machineries, Incubation Centre, Resource Centre with IT infrastructure, Training facility for HRD in Technical Textiles, Formation of standards, specifications, norms, Sample Bank, Seminar, Workshops, FGD, etc.

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