Packtech (Packaging and containment)

One of the important uses of textiles is the manufacturing of bags and sacks, traditionally from cotton, flax and jute but increasingly from polypropylene. Products covered under packtech range from polymer-based bags used for industrial packing to jute-based sacks used for packaging food grains and packaging used for tea. This packaging (excluding jute) is also referred to as flexible packaging materials. The ability to re-use these containers in many applications in place of disposable bags and sacks is another driver for their wider use. Products include Polyolefin Woven Sacks (excluding FIBC), FIBC, Leno bags, Wrapping fabric, Jute Hessian and Sacks (including Food grade jute bags), Soft luggage products (TT component), Tea-bags (filter paper), etc.

The Indian packtech segment is expected to grow at a rate of 22% to US$ 11,782 million by 2016-17 as per estimates of the Working Group on Textiles and Jute Industry, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. Key Indian manufacturers in the segment include:

  • Raffia: Texplast Industries, Tulsyan NEC, Rishi Techtex for Raffia
  • Soft luggage: VIP industries, Universal Luggage
  • Jute hessian and sacks: Cheviot Co Ltd, Gloster Jute Mills Ltd.