Office of Textile Commissioner

The Office of the Textile Commissioner was established in 1943 during the Second World War period for arranging the supply of cloth to the defence forces as well as civilian population. After the end of World War II, the Textile Commissioner was given the regulatory function of administering the prices, distribution and control of certain varieties of cloth meant for civilian consumption in the post-war conditions of scarcity. However, over a period of time this office has assumed a developmental role and has contributed towards modernization and holistic all round growth of diversified and broad based textile industry. This office formulates and implements various schemes of the Government of India in an industry friendly manner. The major strength of this office lies in its very strong, technical and economic wing, manned by professionally qualified and experienced officers. In addition, this office has wide reach through its 8 regional offices and 14 power loom service centers located in major textile clusters. The regional offices in co-ordination with head office are providing requisite technical support to the industry particularly decentralised sector of the industry in their endeavour to successfully meet the challenges of the globalised economy.

Contact Office of Textile Commissioner
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